Sunday, November 11, 2012

Banff Mountain Film Festival!!!!

This week in Kamloops the Banff Mountain Film Festival is taking place! I have never been to one before but I have heard a lot of really cool things about it. Here is the preview video for the festival.

The festival travels around to alot of cool places showing the videos throughout!! Hopefully you will be able to go in your community.

I recently bought some G3 Alpinist skins to go with my Armada JJ's so I am hoping that i will get to use them when I am done this semester. So far I am pretty happy with how the skins look and at how easy they were to cut to the size of the skis. Someone at G3 spent a lot of time and money to figure out a perfect system (and i think they found). Since its snowing quite a bit in Kamloops right now I am super excited to get out and ski!!!!

I Briefly talked about my Trip to Belize with my class in my last post. I registered in a field study for two weeks in Belize. I am heading down there with my class and visiting the University of Belize. Here we will learn about the Natural Resources in Belize and do some site seeing at the same time. I am super excited, I know just about everyone going on the trip so should be a good time.


P.S. Just a little side note I am participating in Movember so if anyone is feeling generous I am collecting money for donations at this site.

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